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Create a Positive Shift in Your Life Today!

Dealing with a chronic ill?  Diabetes, Parkinson's Disease, MS, Fibromyalgia, ADD, etc?

Caring or living with someone who has a chronic illness, learning, mood, or physical disability?

Recent changes to your mobility, thought processes, speech, concentration, and pain?

Find yourself tumbling into depression, struggling with anxiety, or unsure of the future?

Scared that life has changed forever?

Positive Shift Creative Arts Telehealth offers low-cost, accessible Art Therapy Coaching

 to help youdeal with these changes.

Use art, movement, music, drama, and poetry to 

discover new possibilities, make sense of life, calm anxiety, 

lift yourself from depression, and find your purpose.

I am Wesdyne (wes-deen), a disabled woman. Using my Master's Diploma in Art Therapy, Expressive Arts Coaching training.I help you make sense of your disability experience.  

My focus is Posttraumatic Growth - a process of growth following a life altering event.

  My goal is to serve the overlooked needs of the Disability and Chronic Illness Community.

Let me help you find your solution.

780-0675 or contact@positive-shift.com


Creative Arts Telehealth uses

Visual Art

Music and Rhythm

Movement and Dance

Stories and 


Being flexible and able to express an idea in multiple ways  

makes communication easier

Art Therapy Coaching for Child/Parent - Solo - Couples - Caregiver - Grief & Loss

Accepting New Clients 

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All services are On-line!

No Proof Compassion Prices - Use it if you need a Break

1-1 Online Art Therapy Coaching 

Just us!

Solo Adults




School Aged Child/Parent

Single mother and her teen son work on computer

Individual, Grief & Loss, Caregiver 1-1

60 min. online

$110 Regular, 

$75 Compassion

Sort through the disability maze to  create the life you want!

Find new possibilities, personal strength, better relationships, spiritual growth, and a greater appreciation of life. 

Create the Courage to Be Happy because you are worth it!

Couples/Partners 1-1

60 min. online

$125 Regular, 

$85 Compassion

Create enough space in your life, mind, relationship to include the disability.  

End loneliness by aligning your perspectives through fun and art.

Child/Parent 1-1

60 min, online

$85 Regular, 

$55 Compassion

Learning to self-advocate confidently and peacefully is a big skill. Expressing ideas through visual art, dance, rhythm, and poetry gives children (and parents) greater confidence to use their voice.  These sessions can be used to address grief and loss

Parent and child both do the activities to nurture the sense of inner strength and mastery. 

Register Today!

Call or text 780-271-0675 or email contact@positive-shift

"differently abled children"

Young, Old, Visible, Invisible, Diagnosed, Undiagnosed - We Matter

90 & 60 Min., Online Art Therapy Coaching Groups  

Groups start Sept. 5, 2021

8 registrants/group 

Drop-ins may be turned away - Register to attend  

2 for 1 Prices 

Solo Adults

 Online Only 

1st and 3rd Friday from 1-2:30 

8-12 people make sense of life wiht a disability or illness using art, dance, poetry, music and drama.

Regular $300 for 6 sessions 

Compassion $210 for 6 sessions

Drop-in $65

Call or Text 780-271-0675 to register or for more information

Couples and Pairs

Online Only 

2nd and 4th Friday from 1-2:30

2nd and 4th Saturday from 11-12:30 

6-10 couples and pairs make sense of life through art, drama, dance, music, and poetry.

Regular $400 for 6 sessions (3 months)

Compassion $300 for 6 sessions (3 months)

Drop-in $75

Call or Text 780-271-0675 to Register or for more information

Grades 1-7 + Parent

Online Only 

Every Saturday from 9:00 - 10:00 

6-10 children with their parent create art, dance, drama, music, and poems to make sense of life with a disability or chronic illness. 

Regular $240 6 for sessions

Compassion $210 for 6 sessions

Drop-in $50

Call or Text 780-271-0675 to Register or for more information

woman walking with forearm crutches
Young man in wheelchair with woman sitting on his lap and kissing him
mom with active child at a counseling session

Grades 8-12 +Parent/Friend* 

Online Only 

6:30 - 8:00 pm

1st and 3rd Thursday each month 

6-12 Youth and Parent explore living with a disability and independence through art, dance, drama, music and poetry. 

Regular $240 for 6 sessions (3 months)

Compassion $210 for 6 sessions (3 months)

Drop-in $50/session

Call or Text 780-271-0675 to Register or for more Information


2 Co-workers = Pair

Online Only

1st and 3rd Saturday from 11:00 - 12:30  

8-14 Caregivers recover themselves through art, dance, music, drama, and poetic expressions. 


Regular Single $300 for 6 sessions

Compassion Single $210 for 6 sessions

Regular Pair $400 for 6 sessions

Compassion Pair $300 for 6 sessions 

Drop-in Ind. $40/session Pair $75

Call or text 780-271-0675 to Register or for more information

Resilient Grief


Kirk United Church Centre 

13535 122 Ave, Edmonton

1 - 2:30 pm Thursday

Group A Sept. 7 - Oct. 12

Group B Oct. 19 - Nov. 23 

12 grieving people exploring resilience in art, dance, poetry and drama

Regular $175 for 6 weeks

Compassion $120 for 6 weeks

Enroll With a Friend $150 for 6 weeks

Drop-in Ind. $30

Call or text 780-271-0675 to register or for more information

Moving Prayer:  Celebrating your Spirituality


Kirk United Church Centre 

13515 122 Ave., Edmonton 

7 - 8:30 pm  Tues. Evenings  

Sept. 7 - Nov. 23, 2021  

14 people expressing their inner Light in art, dance, poetry, and drama.

Regular $175 for 6 sessions

Compassion $150 for 6 sessions

Drop-in $30

Call or Text 780-271-0675 to register of for more information

Loving mother and daughter with laptop in outdoors
three abstract dancing bodies representing water, sky, and fire

*Youth 16+ may attend with a friend

*Caregivers may attend with a co-worker and share the cost. 

*Adults can attend with a friend and share the cost.

Participants must be able to communicate and participate independently.

I love groups because participants add energy making the journey fun and the healing profound.  

Schedule Below!

To Register Call or text 780-271-0675 

or email contact@positive-shift.com

Groups run Sept. - Nov. 2021, Jan. - March 2022, April - June 2022  

No group sessions in Dec. and Summer

"collage of pictures of the owner"

I am the founder, Wesdyne Otto. I was a teacher until I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I have diplomas in Art Therapy and Counselling, 7 years of Expressive Arts Coaching training, plus Multiple Sclerosis and Alopecia (hair loss). Life transitions, loss of identity, health crisis, and self-esteem are unique to People living with Chronic Illness and Disability.

I created Positive Shift because living with disability is normal.  Learning, mood/emotional, and physical disability are our lifelong dragons that can scare and confuse outsiders.

“The world needs all kinds of minds.” ~ Temple Grandin

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