Art Therapy Coaching for 

Adults, Couples, and Parent/Child 

 with a Physical, Psychological, or Learning Difference 

By an Art Therapy coach living with a disability 

Temple Grandin, "Different and Equal"

Positive Shift Creative Arts


Wesdyne hosted an 
- art making centre in Boyle Street Co-op's warming shelter for 3 years, 
- co-facilitated a retreat for inner city ladies for 7 years, 
- lead school tour groups at Art Galleries for 8 years
- visited hospital patients and the elderly at home offering pastoral care
- did 1-1 art therapy with children, adults and a grief and loss group
- co-facilitated the art studio at Chrysalis helping artists with developmental disabilities
She has a Master's diplomas in Art Therapy and Spiritually Informed Psychotherapy, plus 7 years of Expressive Arts Coaching training
She was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2004, giving her insider knowledge of life with a disability.  Her 22-year-old son died in Oct. 2016. 

In addition to individual video conferencing sessions Positive Shift Creative Arts offers Groups, online and in-person.

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Current in-person Group:
Creative Expression, Wednesdays 7-8:30 @ Kirk Center, 13535 122 Ave. Edmonton, AB 

Upcoming online Group:
Self care for Healthcare Workers
starts Nov. 6, 2021 9:30-11:00 



  • Parental Grief
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Life Transitions
  • Family Issues
  • Self Esteem
  • Academic Confidence
  • Personal Growth & Development
  • Residential school/colonization 

  • Disability Adjustment
  • New Job
  • Returning to school 
  • Disability Advocacy
  • Spiritual Change
  • Relationship shifts
  • Child/parent 
  • Teens
  • Living successfully and Purposely

For more information, 

or to schedule an session

          Call:  780-271-0675


          Appointments available 

          Tuesday: 10-7

          Wednesday: 10-4

          Thursday: 10-7

          Friday: 10-3

          Saturday: noon-3


Notice and take pride in Your Inner Strength to build Confidence and Self-esteem to Navigate Life with more Ease

Notice changes in relationships to build a circle of support, strengthen Bonds with your life partner, and enjoy parenting more.  

group with hands together, teamwork concepts

Grow an Appreciation of Life by transforming disappointment, frustration, and fear into positive action, compassion, and bravery.  

stormy sky, barren tree, transformed into green tree against a blue sky

Find New Possibilities that let you follow your heart and make the most of your abilities.   

Young man sitting in wheelchair outdoors in park and smilesagainst a blue sky

Explore spiritual and existential growth that gives your life meaning and purpose

Child pilot aviator with wings of airplane dreams of traveling in summer at sunset

"The person who is battling with hopelessness and despair is not depressed or anxious.  They are evolving into a different version of themselves; potentially a version that is stronger and wiser."  Tedeschi and Calhoun

Be your own hero.  Unlock your potential.  Liberate yourself from voices and messages that hold you back.  

 Thoughts transform into light bulb , smiling woman
young military veteran in a wheelchair kissing his spouse

Positive Shift is Art Therapy Coaching based on Posttraumatic Growth (PTG); is positive growth following a trauma or traumatic series of events. Tedeschi and Calhoun were first to observe PTG while counselling military veterans returning from combat. Their work inspired Boulder Crest Retreat Virginia's unofficial motto, "A Struggle is a Terrible Thing to Waste."  

PTG is common to assault victims, children surviving Hurricane Katrina, people diagnosed with chronic illness, and amputees.

Often the changes escape what words can say.  The Arts, visual art, dance, rhythm/voice, drama/improv storytelling, and poetry can express those changes.  Expressing trauma moves it out of the body and psyche promoting healing and recovery.  

My science heroes study animal behaviour.  The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan, is one of my favourite psychologists, because he understands that humans are animals.  The Arts allow people to tap into their nonverbal knowledge to create balanced, happy, fulfilling lives.  

My heroes are - I highlighted their books, which are easy, funny, and useful. 

Jaak Panksepp - Affective Neuroscience

Michael Grazziano - Neuroscience 

Robert Sapolsky - Neuroendocrinology

Temple Grandin - Animal Behaviourist/Autism

Tedeschi and Calhoun - Posttraumatic Growth

male silverback gorilla
children riding a dragon

A Gift for You

This is a children's story I wrote.  
Click on the image and it will take you to the whole story.  

Individual Art Therapy Coaching

  • Fees are due at the end of the session.  
  • Please login using email instructions 15 min. early.  Have art supplies ready.  
  • Set camera where you would want me to sit.  I need to see the majority of your body, not just your head. 
  • Book your session call/text 780-271-0675  

In person Wednesday, 1-2:30 at Kirk United Church 

( on bus route, free parking, map below)

Online Tuesday, 1-2:30 Register to get Invitation code

Using Art to Create an Inclusive Life that You Chose

Creative Expression

In person 

Wednesdays 7-8:30

Sept. 15 - Nov. 24

Kirk United Church Centre

13535 122 Ave. Edmonton AB

Payment can either be made when attending or on website

Prices include art supplies.  

Wear Comfortable clothes and non-marking shoes.  

Please bring a full water bottle.

Proof of vaccination and masks required, social distancing in effect.  

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Covid Protocol for In Person Groups

Proof of Vaccination, Masks, and held in a gymnasium to accommodate social distancing.   

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