Positive-Shift Disability 

Art  Therapy Coaching

Is illness or disability 

part of your Life?


Want more...


Joy? Compassion?


Oliver Twist holding his bowl in front of himself

Sick and tired of feeling 

Sick and Tired?

Green monster named Sick and Blue monster named Tired

Do your days resemble

 Plan A (dull) or 

C (frenetic)?  

Plan A (straight line), Plan B  (straight line with a few twists), Plan C (curling and looping line)

Do you feel


If you said yes to these questions, then you're at the right place

Improve the quality of your life and 

meet friends with Positive-Shift programs!  

Make sense out of life with a Disability or Chronic Illness 

with a Disabled, trained, Art Therapy Coach

Wesdyne A. Otto, Art Therapy Coaching.  BA, Bed., MDip. Counselling, MDip. Art Therapy  
Email:  contact@positive-shift.com  Text: 780-271-0675

Ready to Improve the Quality of Your Life? 

Check-out Positive-Shift's options 

drawing of female painting on screen and a femaile wheelchair using making art at an easel

Want to Improve the Quality of Your Life using art?  
The Create Series combines Inclusive Movement & Art Making.

Increase your confidence and ability to move safely with 20 min. of self-directed, relaxing movement.  

Complete an interesting Visual Art Project 

Tues. 1:00, Wed. 7:00, and Sat. 10:30 (MST) every 1st and 3rd week each month, $25/session.  

New project every other week.  

Private group services be purchased for organizations.

drawing of two women dancing , on euses a wheelchair

Want to move more and have limited energy or range of movement?  
Inclusive Movement is three times a week and is free to join.  

Increase your confidence and ability to move safely with 20 min. of self-directed movement to relaxing music.  

Use a chair, crutch, cane, walker, wheelchair, or stand independently.

The rules:  move safely to the music, whatever you do on the right do on the left.    

Tues. 1:oo, Wed. 7:00, and Sat. 10:30 (MST) weekly, free.  

No Group on the 4th Sat. of each month.

Ready to dive into books written by authors with disability and health differences?  
The Crip Reading Room is a free, Facebook group.

We meet twice a month to discuss, suggest, and meet the authors of the books we are reading. 

New writers welcome.

Share blog, learn, and discover how books are changing the meaning of disability.

Tues. 5:30, Sat. 10:30 (MST) the 2nd and 4th week of each month, free

diverse group of people, text practical tips

Want to Learn and Share Tips to make your life easier?  
Join the free Practical Tips FB Group.

We meet online each month to discuss a topic.

Practical Tips are printed on the Positive-Shift website.

Discuss and share practical ideas to make life go smoother.

Topics include:  Having a Healthy, Happy Holiday season, Dealing with Winter, etc.

(day and evening group discuss same topic)

Wed. 1:00, Thurs. 7:00 (MST) the 2nd week of each month, free

drawing of a female wheelchair user painting, text art therapy coaching

Looking for 1-1 coaching to make adjusting, living, and advocating easier?

 Try Art Therapy Coaching with Wesdyne.  She holds Master Diplomas in Counselling and Art therapy.  Prior to opening Positive-Shift, Wesdyne worked with People with Developmental  Disability and Individuals living below the poverty line. Wesdyne was diagnosed with MS in 2004 and is empathetic to your situation.

90 min. appointments available the second and fourth week of each month.  

$75 Regular and $25 no-proof Compassion  

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    Hi, I'm Wesdyne.  Currently, I'm bald with shocking white hair (top ).  Sometimes my hair grows and other times, like now, I wear hair hats (wigs), scarves, toques, okay mainly toques.  

    I could not find a therapist who had insider/real experience of living with a chronic illness and disability, so I became one and started Positive-Shift.

Find out more about me and the Positive Shift story here.

Loads of free stuff because accessibility is affordable. 

 My name is pronounced Wes-Dean (2 cowboy names)

Wesdyne can be found on Facebook or LinkedIn

If you've said.

I want an alternative to talk therapy, worksheets, and checklists that tell me how to manage my illness.  

I want to enjoy my life.

I want solutions specific to my life and situation rather than this one size fits all stuff? 

There's got to be more to life than illness management. 
I miss my life, being happy, feeling like I could do anything, be anyone's best friend, go places, and achieve anything.  I want my life back!  

Then Positive-Shift Can Help You!

Have Questions? Text 780-271-0675 or email Wesdyne directly 






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A Gift for You

This is a children's story I wrote.  
Click on the image and it will take you to the whole story.  

A Big Thank You to My Funders, Sponsors, and Suppliers 

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