Living With Your Dragon


This is a short story that I wrote for a wonderful girl named Jade. I will try to make this available for download.  

In case you were curious. I have two dragons.

My dragons are named Multiple Sclerosis and Alopecia.  dragon cartoon

This is Multiple Sclerosis. MS is silly and thinks it can fly. 

green cartoon dragon with a furry head and legs

Alopecia is very hairy, which is why I'm not. 

balding woman smiling

The Movie

The Text

yellow and orange dragon flying

small dragon breathing big firedragon with a smoking tail
cute blue and green dragon roaring
dragon riding a bike, girl feeding an apple to a small flying dragon
dragon laughing
dragon and the letter D
dragon wearing sunglasses
dragon with a blue balloon
Asian dragon flying through the sky with a child holding onto itgirl sleeping with a dragon