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Calvin and Hobbes

Welcome to our blogs.  

Topics we will cover (brain science, disability, cool quotes that make living easier)

  • Disability – using theory to liberate you from limiting beliefs – systemic ablism – things I notice living with a disability. We talk about what makes living with a disability easier – accepting the power of your voice to increase your choices.
    • This can be heavy, don’t worry my goofy streak breaks through and makes it bearable (I hope).
  • Positive Psychology – specifically posttraumatic growth, there will be graphs (once I figure out how to make them). Even an online quiz from Princeton University. 
  • Things I notice from facilitating CATS that make life lighter. Like, the fear of rejection prunes the new buds of self-confidence like a frost.
  • Affective Neuroscience  Tickling rats and research showing that PLAY lowers biological stress markers. If you are a big fan of BF Skinner and Behaviourism, you will find these blogs offensive. 
  • Split-brain theory. It is easy – I have pictures. The experiments can be done at home, the floating line trick. We will dispel a few neurology myths that run rampant in psychology, and shed a bit of light on a few things – including why I have a speech impediment when I’m tired.

We have no medical advice. We have pictures, words, some grammar mistakes, and here’s hoping that spell check works well enough. There will be plenty of references to dogs, horses, and humane animal studies.  I have no control over the metaphors that drag my story from one point to the next.

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