Thank You!!!

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A big Thank You to everyone who made possible.

Written in Spring of 2019. 

Wesdyne A. Otto

It is happening! Positive Shift is open and moving in a positive gear. I want to thank everyone who helped make this possible, ‘cause Lord knows it took the kindness, support, and generosity of many people to launch this business.

First, I want to thank Bill Kraemer at Community Futures Capital Region in Stoney Plain, AB for guiding me through the Dizabilities Loan. I want to thank the WED Board of Directors for approving the loan application. I will do everything I can to put the money towards building a robust business that will improve health and wellness outcomes for Albertans living with chronic illness and disability.

I want to thank my husband, Stan Otto, who said one Sunday, “I think I found our cabin”, thus bringing our lives to Spring Lake, AB, six years ago. You bring peace, contentment, and nature into our lives. Thank you, for being such a perfect you.

Thank you to my sons, Sebastion Amyotte and Sandy Boyle. Seb, you are at the centre of my universe always. Sandy, you are forever in my orbit. Love you boys.

My families, I’m lucky I have many families who welcome me at their table, were instrumental in shaping this success. My dear old Dads, Richard Dowson and Shirley Waud, Don Otto and Mabel, my sister Joanne and Warren Grey, and all the kids, cousins, and the whole mess of you. You guys mean the world to me and your kindness has fuelled my jets more times than I can count. I love you all.

The list of mentors who sparked my curiosity, opened doors to new knowledge, wonderful experiences, and incredible opportunities is incredible. Dr. Markus Alexander-Scott, Dr. Mary Norton, Kim Taylor, Heather McVittie, Cody J. Finley, Ron Flamand, Dr. Rebecca Purchase-Stephens, all the World Arts Organization students, our Spring Lake and Edmonton neighbours, Dr. Sherry Chapman, and Dr. Ginger Campbell stand out for their help, guidance, and inspiration.

I want to thank everyone living with chronic illness and disability for allowing me the privilege of bringing Creative Arts Telehealth services into your lives. I know that the space and energy you give are precious and thank you for choosing to spend them with us.

Thank you all.

Community Futures Capital Region link, I got a Dizability Loan!

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