Healthcare/social work Creative Arts Telehealth

Healthcare Worker Creative Arts Telehealth

“Art is a wound turned into light.” ~ Georges Braque

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Tuesdays 9:30-11 & 1-2:30

Wednesdays 9:30-11 & 7-8:30 pm

Sat.'s 9:30-11 am

What is Creative Arts Telehealth?  

Creative Arts Telehealth is similar to the Art, Dance, Music Therapy programs in hospitals, hospices, and military rehabilitation centres.  We are NOT a counselling service or an art class.  Activities are simple like Taking a line for a Walk, exploring the Colours of Life, the Spaces between Here and There. Each session is a retreat, a 90-minute holiday from racing thoughts, worries, anxiety, pain, fatigue, and sadness. Anecdotal and evidence-based research indicates that Expressive Arts Coaching can provide sustained physical and psychological respite from stress and trauma that contributes to overall health and mood improvement.

What to expect.

Over the 90 min. you will create 2 artforms using visual art, music, poetry, or dance. The instructions are simple and open-ended. Sessions begin with a check-in, activity time, and close with positive reflection. Participants are asked to commit for the entire experience.

Art Directive

  1. Pick 2 colours, and black or white. Imagine the paper is a place you go to often.  Using the paintbrush and paint express how you move around that place.
  2. Find 3 movements that express the movement in the painting.
  3. What did you notice about your relationship with that place that will be helpful in the coming days and weeks? What is one thing, pose, phrase based on your work today that will be helpful in the coming days, weeks?  

"The shelves are bare - awaiting the fruits of labour that are ripening on the vine." 

I can relax, roll my shoulders, and check-in with myself before I enter the next room to start the next thing.  

Art Materials - markers or crayons or pastels or paint, 2-3 pieces of large paper 11x14 (sketchpad or wrapping paper in a pinch), notepad or voice recorder, pen.  The Gilded Rabbit bundled all the art supplies you will need.   

Secure Video Platform. Digital Samba donated their highly secure video conferencing platform to Positive Shift because they believe in our vision and our customers. Unlike Zoom, Digital Samba is not hosted through a cloud.