Disability Coaching

Why Disability Coaching? When an athlete is trying to perform their best they work with a coach. Learning to live happily with your or your child's disability can be a twisty road. Let me walk with you and together we will find a way for you to live your best life with a disability or chronic illness.  

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New to living with a disability or diagnosis?

Is starting a new job, college, or sending your child to school triggering your anxiety?

Not really sure what a successful life looks like anymore?

I understand because I've been there.
In 2005, my hair started falling out, hair crop rotating.
In 2006, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, my fluid disability.
I asked, "Now that all hope of that is gone, what is the best I can hope for now?"
Expressive Arts Coaching, Positive Psychology, and Amazing People with Disability lead me back to hope, happiness, and bravery.
I create my successful life one day at a time.
I would be honoured to explore this question with you.

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Regular and Compassion Rates for Anyone on Fixed Income and Military Families
No proof needed, we trust you.

To book your appointment

  1. Select an appointment from the Calendar.  All appointments are booked using the calendar.  Times vary, make sure you chose the correct appointment.
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  3. Positive Shift will send you a confirmation email. Later, you will receive an Invitation email containing the link for the session and listing the art supplies.
  4. Print or save the confirmation email as it is your admission to the session.

Have questions? Please email contact@positive-shift.com 
Or text 780-271-0675 

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 Want a less expensive Alternative - Try one of our Accessible or Caregiver Groups.