One to One Art Therapy Coaching

  • Tired of feeling stuck, anxious, or without choices?  Shift your life in a positive direction with One to One Art Therapy Coaching.  
  • Want help and prefer to stay home to get it. Telehealth is a private option that you can do from home, the cabin, anywhere on your computer, tablet or cellphone.  Our video conferencing Telehealth requires no special software and is completely secure.  
  • Want an affordable counselling or therapy option? We offer a no-proof compassion price.  If you need a lower price it's there no questions asked. Our parent/child 60 minute session can be had for as little as $55.  The 90 minute adult sessions are only $110-75, which is a bargain compared to $180 for a 50 minute psychology session.  
  • Looking for an alternative to talking out your problems?   You have all the answers to your questions and the arts let your discover your solutions.  The arts (visual art, movement, rhythm, and poetry) are a gentle way to create solutions specific to you and your situation.  
  • Experienced a loss that's turned life upside-down? Use positive psychology with art to help you see what is coming into being and what is falling away as we gently explore life now through the arts.  I lost my son in 2016, so I know what it feels like when life loses meaning.  
  • Adjusting to a physical or psychological illness or health change and are unsure how to navigate life now?  Release your inner sherpa to safely and successfully travel this new landscape called your new normal.  Combine art therapy coaching with positive psychology to create a life that includes your dreams and your abilities.