Affordable Small Groups for children and Adults Living with Moderate Physical, Emotional,  Learning Disabilities

Small Group Disability Coaching

  • An Affordable Option
  • Children (5+) and a Parent
  • Adult and a Friend
  • Couples

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Amazing Value

  • All the benefits of Disability Coaching at a fraction of the price!
  • 8 spots/group 
  • Your registration guarantees the group runs! 
  • Live, interactive,group 
  • No proof Compassion rates for people on fixed income and Military service families.
  • Attend with a friend and take advantage of the Couples rate!  
  • Use art, dance, music, and poetry to shift worry, racing thoughts, self-doubt to courage, mastery, and joy.
  • Express yourself
  • Use the Calendar to purchase your Session

*Teens 16+ and Adults can attend with a friend provided both parties are using the same login code on one device only.  

Artwork by Wesdyne, oil paint on Arches watercolour paper (2014)


Who We Serve

We work with Kids, Teens and Adults living with moderate/monitored

Chronic illnesses such as Diabetes, Asthma, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease, Heart Disease, Fibromyalgia, etc.

Learning Disabilities such as Attention Deficit Disorder, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Linear Processing Disorder, etc.

Physical Disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy, Arthritis, Spina Bifida, Spinal Cord Injury, Amputation, etc.

Emotional Disability such as Depression, Anxiety Disorders, Bipolar Disorder, Pain Attacks, PTSD, etc.

Participants must be able to participate and communicate independently.  Please use your adaptive equipment in the session.

Ugh!  How do I Pick My Session?

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Here are Screen Shots of the Process

Adult Group Disability Coaching 90 Minutes

$60 or 40 Compassion/pair or solo

Let your inner artist, dancer, actor, and musician loose. 

Shorten healing times, Improve Mood, increase Optimism, and create the Courage to Be Happy. 

Some symptoms, like pain and tremors, quiet down during creative arts.

Attend with a friend and take advantage of the Couples rate!  

These sessions are designed for adults living with mild to moderate psychological, physical, and learning differences.

Teens 16+ can attend with a Friend!

Child (5-16) and Parent Group Disability Coaching  60 min.

Parent participates in session with Child

$50 or $30 Compassion

Nurture your child's Courageous Spirit.

Are you raising a child who has mild to moderate learning, physical, or emotional needs?

Learning to self-advocate confidently and peacefully is a big skill. Many 'normal' adults struggle to speak up.  Expressing ideas through visual art, dance, rhythm, and poetry gives children (and parents) greater confidence to use their voice in advocating for success. 

The playful art activities can deepen the relationship's roots, honest communication, and empathy for one another.  

Participating in Group Disability Coaching shows children that even adults ask for help.  

Amazing Value

We expect an increase in patients’ sense of hope, optimism and future purpose; an increase in patients’ engagement in their rehabilitation; and a decrease in their hospital length of stay when patients participate in hospital Creative Arts programs.  

Dr. Lisa Meschino, Royal Conservatory's Art Rehab Program

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Want something more private?

Individual Disability Coaching

You are more than your health condition. Making art, music, poetry, and moving is an opportunity to step past limitations and discover new possibilities that make living with illness and disability easier more enjoyable.

Participating in therapeutic creative arts programs have been shown to shorten healing times, improve mood regulation, increase optimism, and strengthen resilience. Some symptoms, like pain and tremors, quiet down during creative arts.

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