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"How can I Hold this experience so it hurts less?"

Art Therapy Coaching 

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Why Chose Art Therapy Coaching?

Tired of feeling stuck, anxious, or without choices? 

 Shift life in a positive direction with 

One to One Art Therapy Coaching.  

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Want counselling at home

Telehealth allows you to get help at home, the cabin, or anywhere on your computer, tablet, or cellphone.  Our video conferencing requires no software is required and it is  completely secure. 

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Want an affordable counselling option

No proof compassion prices allow mean a 60 min. child/parent session is can be had for as little as $55.  90 minute adult sessions cost between $110-75.  90 minute couples sessions are $125-85.  Art Therapy Coaching is a bargain compared to $180 for a 50 min. psychology visit. 


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Looking for an alternative to talking out your problems

You have all the answers to your questions.  The arts highlight your solutions. The arts (visual art, movement, rhythm, and poetry) are a gentle way to create solutions specific to you and your situation.  

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Experienced a loss that's turned life upside-down

Use positive psychology with art to help you see what is coming into being and what is falling away as we gently explore life now through the arts. I lost my son in 2016, so I know what it feels like when life loses meaning.  

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Adjusting to a physical or psychological illness or health change and are unsure how to navigate life now?

Release your inner sherpa to safely and successfully travel this new landscape called your new normal.  Art Therapy Coaching  lets you create a life that includes your dreams and your abilities.  

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Art Therapy Coach with a Physical Disability 

Specializing in Children and Adults 

living with Physical and Psychological Disability

Helping Kids, Teens and Adults living with 

Chronic illnesses such as Diabetes, Asthma, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease, Heart Disease, Fibromyalgia, etc.

Learning Disabilities such as Attention Deficit Disorder, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Linear Processing Disorder, etc.

Physical Disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy, Arthritis, Spina Bifida, Spinal Cord Injury, Amputation, etc.

Emotional Disability such as Depression, Anxiety Disorders, Bipolar Disorder, Pain Attacks, etc.

It is possible to create a satisfying and rewarding life that includes your abilities. Let me help you create your happiness. 

You Deserve to be Happy


You were born with a healthy self-image.  Society has a different idea about disability, visible and invisible, and illness that can erode self-image and willingness to try.  Living in a different body is to live in a world created for people who are not you.  Work hours, school assignments, role models in books, media, buildings, and socializing favour able-bodies.  

Free yourself from ideas that prevent you from chasing your dreams.  

Reframe, Overturn, and Dismiss Internal and External Obstacles to Your Happiness, Peace and Success

Take pride in who you are

Shift your energy, concentration, or motivation from flat to great.  

Discover how to create more good days.  

Learn how to manage the bad days with more ease.

Explore how to create a joy filled future.

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How Does it Work?


We chat for a short bit and then I suggest you either make a piece of art, move, or make a rhythm/sounds, or write a few words based on what you said.  The we reflect on the art and I suggest a follow-up creation.  The art-making and reflection change your perspective and change the size of events making the negative aspects of life easier to manage. 

Both pictures use the same circles and colours.  The arrangement and size is altered.  


The goal is to create more ease and space for you to be you in your life.  


Who is the Art Therapy Coach? 

I am Wesdyne (Wes-deen).  I've worked with kids and adults who have learning, physical, and psychological challenges.  Using my M.Dip. in Art Therapy and 7 years of Expressive Arts Coaching training I help you identify your humour, strengths and kindness.  Too often psychology experts want clients to explore the darkness in their lives.  I give you the tools to carry your light in the dark corners of life.  You will learn how to use your voice effectively and peacefully to transform trauma into growth.  Coaching sessions are designed to promote Posttraumatic Growth.  Making sense of life following a chronic illness diagnosis, loss, or change in independence is possible.  The arts, visual art, dance, music, and poetry let you express what is missed in talk therapy.  It is possible to laugh, take pride in yourself, and make sense of life.  I know.  I am a proud disabled woman who lost my adult son to suicide.  Life can be dark - art lets the light shine - even if is tiny it will grow with patience, perseverance and flexibility.  I am honoured to walk with you in your recovery and growth.  

Call me today at 780-271-0675 to shift your life in a positive direction.

How do I say Wesdyne?

Wes and Dean

cowboy Wes and his horse

My Dad thought Wesdyne is a great Western name.  My mom spelled it.  

It is Wes and Dean, like two old cowboys.  

The body is like a horse and the mind is like the rider.  As long as the rider stays calm the body relaxes and can do incredible things.  Like make art, dance, play a drum, and create impromptu poetry.  

Art Therapy Coaching

Book your appointment on Facebook or 

call/text Wesdyne directly at 780-271-0675

Book your appointment on Facebook 

or call/text Wesdyne directly at 780-271-0675

“My disability has opened my eyes to see my true abilities.”

  Robert M. Hensel


Call or Text 780-271-0675 or use Facebook to book your appointment

“I don’t need easy. I just need possible.”

Bethany Hamilton

Elizabeth Gilbert


Art Therapy Coaching is Good For

The Flat Days,

Be Okay With You. 

The Happy, Giggly Days,

Noticing what helps. 

The 'Ah Dang' Days,

Crash without burning. 

And Fantastic Days

Discover New Possibilities

"I live in a culture that uses my form as a symbol, a short-hand, and illustration for something else-weakness, captivity, and victimization or super strength, triumph, and feel-good inspiration." Rebekah Taussig


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