Art Therapy Coaching:  For Who and Why

Rural folks have limited resources, I want to change that.

It is for Children (5+), Adults, and Couples living with...

Different and Equal

(Wesdyne, the Art Therapy Coach has MS and is neurodiverse.)

Creative Arts Therapy is used in...

  • Major Canadian hospitals offer Art Programs run by volunteers, like the Artists on the Ward programs at the UofA Hospital. 
  • Professional clown, art, and music therapists help kids at Toronto's SickKids Hospital. 
  • 6 Ontario hospitals to include music as part of the patient's care plan. Dr. Lisa Meschino says, "For those patients receiving this arts intervention in addition to their rehabilitation activities, we expect to see a difference in the following primary measures: an increase in patients’ sense of hope, optimism and future purpose; an increase in patients’ engagement in their rehabilitation; and a decrease in their hospital length of stay". These programs demonstrate that Creative Arts provides health benefits.
  • Creative Arts and Art Therapy was used in England to help shell-shock soldiers. 
  • Creative Forces, a partnership with the US Military and the National Endowment for the Arts say, "We have seen how creative arts therapies have helped service members deal with trauma as part of an integrated care model. And when they return home, these interventions make a difference in people’s lives that medicine alone could not achieve". 
  • Living with a chronic illness and disability can be a battle. About 12-25% of people diagnosed with a chronic illness experience PTSD compared to 11-20% of Military veterans. PTSD makes healing and recovery more difficult.

green and red circles, red dominant
red and green circles, green dominant

Even in the dark, Positive feelings can grow; making Negative feelings manageable.

Use art, dance, music, and poetry to disrupt unhelpful emotional patterns, like worrying, racing thoughts, doubt and replace them with with positive feelings of Mastery, Peace, Joy, Acceptance.

Exploring positive feelings through the arts helps balance negative and positive emotions making daily life more enjoyable and easier. Pull back the curtains, open the window to let the delight in.

1) Foster Posttraumatic Growth - Some people, following a traumatic or a series of stressors in addition to typical stress disorder symptoms also positive growth in a few of 5 areas. Greater sense of self strength, appreciation of life, closer relationships, spiritual evolution, and new possibilities.

2) Temporary lowering of the frequency and intensity of pain, tremors, anxious thoughts, nervousness, and slugginess.

3) Nurture the bond between Parent and Child of any age. Enrich the connection between

Diversity is Universal

Each of us experience the world differently.  Diversity is natural, normal, and helps to create beauty and solutions.  Temple Grandin credits her autism with the ability to find new solutions to handling cattle humanely.  

The picture in the top left hand corner is the original, yet all are truly beautiful. 

Rather than trying to cure neurodiversity Positive Shift asks, "What gifts lie in these experiences?"

There are many good and valuable ways to get from here to there.  

four pictures of rose seen through 3 filters
montage of happy people

Overturn, Reframe, and Dismiss Unhelpful Social Messages with the Arts

"Laughter through tears is my favourite emotion." Steel Magnolias

Life events can feel dark, lonely, and frightening. Other aspects of life are light, joyful, and freeing. We try control how much energy we spend in the shadows. Other times, the darkest night of the soul appears out of nowhere collapsing our spirit, or making our minds race at night.

Fear, Anger, Panic can feel more intense, bigger than our feelings of Bravery, Compassion, and Calm. We dismiss our enjoyable feelings as silly or 'a bit of fun'. The silly, absurd, and downright goofy balance the unpleasant and even miserable situations.

We practice playing. Letting our mind enjoy colours, moving to music, and being appreciated. Play turns down the mental and physical background noise. Play, enjoyment flood our emotional system and we find ourselves in deLight.

young girl blowing bubbles

Emotion you can leave in the Art

sad, crying orange monster


angry, growling green monster


scared, frightened neon green montster


You can shift feelings when you want like a race car driver shifts gears 


Adult Art Therapy Coaching