1. Are prices for me and my friend/child?
Yes! Our prices admit 2 for the price of 1 provided you are both at using the same computer.

2. Will my insurance company reimburse me?
Unfortunately, that is not a feature we offer.  We have made every effort to keep costs down for you and two people at one site can attend for the price of one. 

3. What happens in a Telehealth session? I am not an artist, can I do this?
Telehealth sessions start with a welcome round. A theme is introduced (example soft & loud) An exercise might be, paint a loud and quiet picture. Followed by, without using your voice, make loud and soft movements. Finally, with your friend create a collage on a large white piece of paper by tearing up and gluing pieces of your loud and quiet paintings. Reflect on what you discovered that can be used to make day to day life easier. In the group share one thing that you learned. End of workshop.

4. Is this art therapy?

We help people live fulfilling lives with their differences. Rather than treating differences as problems to be solved we see the differences as part of who you are. We want you to succeed by shifting how you respond to your differences so you can enjoy engaging with people, situations and places every day. We encourage you to do it your way!

 5. I am shy and find groups challenging. Do you have any individual Creative Art Telehealth options?
To keep our services priced affordably, prevent staff exhaustion, and increase the benefits of the program we only offer group workshops. Working from the safety of your home, along or with a friend will make being in the group a better experience for you.

6. Will my child pay attention?
Yes, children respond very well to Telehealth. It feels like an interactive TV show.Your child will be interested because you are also doing the activities with them.

7. I use a mobility aid/wheelchair. Will the movement and dance parts be accessible? 
Yes! The dance and movement help you understand what postures, movements, and rhythms are best suited for you, as well as being fun and a little silly.

8. I am unsure how to set up my computer to attend.
No problem! Our welcome email will guide you. Here are some extra videos to help you mirror your phone or laptop to your TV  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UeOWaQCtrpw 

 9. I feel shy asking a friend to join me, can I attend alone?
Yes. Isolation is real. Attend the Creative Arts Telehealth session alone or with a friend. A friend will be happy to spend some time making art, laughing, sharing, and listening. 

10. Do we all do the art together?
Some activities will be done together and others alone. Friends, parents and guardians make art to gain new perspective of their experience of having a friend, raising a child, or being the partner, friend, adult child or spouse of someone living with chronic illness and disability.

11. Do I need a microphone?
No. Your webcam needs to display both people from their head to toes. If you have a spare cell phone that can be used as a microphone. No a microphone is needed.

12. How much do supplies cost? Where do I get supplies? Can I use stuff from home?
Costs vary. Here's the basics: Tempera paint (red, blue, yellow, white and black), pad of white cartridge paper (no smaller than 24x30), oil pastels, markers, pad of newsprint (no smaller than 24 inches wide), packing paper, paint brushes, (#6 and #4 round nylon brush, #6 flat nylon brush, and #8 round, flat bristle brush), glue sticks, and scissors.

13. Where to shop? 
The Gilded Rabbit in Edmonton offers shipping and a discount to Positive Shift customers!


14. Who did you design the Arts and Medicine workshops for?
The Arts and Medicine workshops are designed for individuals recovering from and living with chronic illness and disability. Chronic illness and disability are a health condition or disease that alters your day-to-day life and requires your daily attention.Chronic means progression of the health condition or disease is unknown, a hard pill to swallow. Arts and Medicine workshops help you reframe the future so that it minimizes the health condition or disease and maximizes your brilliance, spirit, courage, and dreams.

Here's the research from hospitals across the United States: https://www.arts.gov/accessibility/accessibility-resources/leadership-initiatives/arts-healthcare/arts-endowment-issues-3

15. Can I attend the Caring for Aging Parent(s)/Senior with my parent?

Yes. Our programs support intergenerational families. Like our children and youth sessions, these sessions can strengthen the bond between you and your senior. You will both make art, music, dance, and poetry in these 90 min. sessions.  

16. Are the sessions secure and confidential?

Yes. Digital Samba donated our video conference platform. It is used by Chicago Public Schools and Deloitte. It is a very secured platform. 


17. Does Positive Shift adhere to a Code of Ethics?

Yes. All contractors are members in good standing of either the Canadian Art Therapy Association (CATA) or the Ontario Expressive Arts Therapy Association (OEATA). We follow OEATA's code of ethics.  https://oeata.ca/code-of-ethics/ 


Teens can register with a teen to respect the importance of teen friendships and teens’ autonomy. We are always available to talk to parents and will respect teens’ privacy. We adhere to the Canadian Expressive Arts Therapy Association Code of EthicsWorkshop themes run for two weeks and change mid-month. Customers are advised to register for an early and late month workshop, or the workshop theme that excites them the most. 

Customers receive a welcome email that outlines: Art supplies needed for the workshop, what we will be doing so you can arrange your home before the workshop (put a plastic cloth on the table, create a dancing space, move a kitchen chair into the space for seated movement), and a link to the workshop. 

Remember to attend with a friend!