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What is Creative Arts Telehealth?

Creative Arts Telehealth is a blanket term for creative arts coaching that strives to improve the health (mental, spiritual, and physical) 

of people living with chronic illness and disability.  

2 Colours Dancing Together: A Sample Creative Arts Telehealth Session

Supplies: Paper, 2 colours of liquid tempera or acrylic paint, paint brushes, notebook

Chose two colours plus either white or black. Using as many paint brushes or your fingers - please start with the brushes, dip your paint brush in a colour and make some random marks on the page. Clean your brush and do the same thing with the other colour. Look at how the two colours 'talk' to each other. Keep this in mind as you make your next choices. Keep doing this for the next 15-20 min. until you have completed a work of art.

Reflecting on your art work write down what you noticed as you made the artwork.


Wesdyne Otto's painting process (video) and reflection on making the artwork.

I noticed a need to make whole what was first expressed in bits and cautious marks as the paint found its way across the page. Limiting my colours to blue, red and white provides a safe playground to explore what those three colours can do together. Each colour inviting the other to shyly say hello, dance, and merge together as a single voice creating something new –purple. I watched as they stood near each other like 2 peacocks. White and washes echo the quietness of painting, expanding the breathing space.

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