Improve the Quality of your Life

First and Third Week monthly

Tues. 1:00, Wed. 7:00, and Sat. 10:30-12:30 MST (Edmonton, AB time)

2 hour session $24.99

photo collage, young woman painting, mature man with paint brushes, woman dancing gently, young man talking to phone on tripod

20 min. of Inclusive Movement - Self-directed (no instructor) moving to relaxing movement safely.  Use a chair, the floor, adaptive equipment, or stand. 

10 min. Movement Reflection - What did you notice that will make your everyday safer and more enjoyable?

50 min. Art Making - Project for each week with required material listed on calendar.

20 min. Art Reflection - What did you notice that can improve how you show up in the world? (pairs in virtual rooms)

20 min. Closing Circle - Sharing your main discovery with the group.


Changing Skies, 2014, Wesdyne A. Otto, Arches Watercolour

Amazing Value

  • 4-10 individuals group 
  • Registration guarantees the group runs! 
  • Live, interactive, group 
  • Held in a FB room with breakout virtual rooms where you can reflect privately with a partner.

$24.99 for 2 hour session!

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