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Art Therapy Coaching

Children and adults discover solutions to old trauma, life transitions, living with chronic illness and disability.

hands holding a small snail make from plasticine, accomplishment

Expressive Arts Coaching

Uses visual art, movement, storytelling, rhythm, and poetry to shift perspectives to make life easier. 

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Posttraumatic Growth

Shifting old stories, rejecting unhelpful perceptions, and learning from our struggles let us create happiness.

"Change and Growth is so painful. But it's so necessary for us to evolve" 

Sarah McLachlan

The Vision

To create a caring and healing Art Therapy Coaching service for rural folks and people living with disability who are searching for something more.  

Cooperate with local social and faith agencies to create positive shifts in the community.   

The Mission

Positive Shift is dedicated to providing accessible and affordable Art Therapy Coaching to children, adults, and couples  from a positive psychology approach that brings growth, healing, and make life easier.

Core Values

I believe that everyone is capable of reframing, overcoming, and dismissing ideas, concepts, and stories that create barriers to happiness.

A struggle is a terrible thing to waste.  Within each trauma and transition is an opportunity to develop courage, strength, build stronger relationships, appreciate life, shift spiritual beliefs, and discover new possibilities.  

Growth can be fun, engaging, and simple.  Coaching works with what is happening in your life today rather than diagnostic labels that can hold growth back.  The goal is to find ways to hold pain gently, explore abilities, learn to take ownership of our accomplishments and build on those to create a happier tomorrow.   

I celebrate diversity in all its forms.   Cultural background, ability, language are an important and valuable part of your identity.  The arts express our ideas in ways that escape words and translations.  Together we reflect upon your art and you reflect on what you noticed creating it.  The art is your purest expression and sacred, it never interpreted or diagnosed.  It holds the key for moving forward with ease and comfort.  

For more information or to schedule a session

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