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Compassion Pricing is for Individuals and Families on a fixed income and Military Personnel and Families.

Choose Compassionate pricing if you need it. We trust you (no proof needed).

With two options, 1-1 or Small-Group, I have tried to accommodate income restrictions.

Attend a small-group session with someone in your bubble to share the cost and benefits.

Instructions to Book a Session By Date and Time are at the bottom of this page

All 1-1 sessions are 60 min.

Adult $110 or $75 Compassion
Couples $110 or $75 Compassion

Parent and Child (5-16)  $85 or $55 Compassion
(Parent attends and participates with child)

For Individuals living with 
Health Conditions like: Parkinson's, Hypertension 
Intense Moods like:  Anxiety, depression 
Physical Differences like: Cerebral Palsy, Limb different 
Novel Learning Preferences like: ADD, Dyslexia, Autism 

row of individuals with different abilities, race, and body shapes, inlcusion

Small-Group Online Disability Coaching  

An Affordable Option!  

Adult and Couples Small-Group 

Online Disability Coaching 

90 min. 

Adult  $60 or $40 Compassion

Couples $60 or $40 Compassion

Attend with a Friend from Home and

for the Couples Rate!  

Child (5+) and Parent Small-Group 

Online Disability Coaching

90 min.

Regular $50

Compassion $30

Parent Attend and Participates with Child

Bond through Play!

90 min. is long for some children and adults who may need to step away after 45 min. 

Prices remain the same regardless of length of session the participant can complete.  There is a compassion rate, which can be used if cost is an issue.

Thanks, wesdyne

Our Wonky Booking System Step by Step Guide

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  6. On Cart page, Delete the first session you chose (missing date and time), cart will update automatically
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