Pay What Want Healthcare Workers CATS Launch Special

Jan. 15 - April 2, (Good Friday) 2021 Healthcare Workers Pay What You Want ($95 value) for a 90 min. group Creative Arts Telehealth Session

After April 3, 2021 Pay What You Want will be reduced to 1-3 spots/group

Thank you to Healthcare Workers

Healthcare Worker Creative Arts Telehealth

Take a 90 min. Creative Retreat from Home.

12-Week Launch Price for Healthcare Worker Creative Arts Telehealth

Jan. 15 - April 2 (Good Friday) Pay What You Want

Registration Begins Jan. 15/21

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Healthcare Workers Creative Arts Telehealth

“Art is a wound turned into light.” ~ Georges Braque

Creative Arts Telehealth is similar to the Art, Dance, Music Therapy programs in hospitals, hospices, and military rehabilitation centres.  We are NOT a counselling service or an art class.  Activities are simple like taking a line for a walk, exploring the colours of life, the spaces between here and there. Each session is a retreat, a 90-minute holiday from racing thoughts,worries, anxiety, pain, fatigue, and sadness. Anecdotal and evidence-based research indicate that the Expressive Arts Coaching can provide a sustained physical and psychological respite from stress and trauma that contributes to overall health and mood improvement.

How to attend a Creative Arts Telehealth Session

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time. - Thomas Merton

The 90 min. session is a small, interactive, live group. Log into the group using the link and password in the Welcome Email. Each group has 8 pairs or individuals.

Digital Samba donated their HIPPA compliant video conference software. Direct Samba is a closed network connection, not a cloud, to ensure your security.

We strongly encourage you to attend with a friend or an older child. All of our prices are 2 for 1. We focus on the helpful discoveries we make about ourselves as we make art. This keeps the groups safe and fun.


2 Colours Dancing Together: A sample Creative Arts Telehealth Session

All our sessions are small groups of individuals or pairs who log in from 8 different locations.

Supplies: Paper, 2 colours of liquid tempera or acrylic paint, paint brushes, notebook

Chose two colours plus either white or black. Using as many paint brushes or your fingers - please start with the brushes, dip your paint brush in a colour and make some random marks on the page. Clean your brush and do the same thing with the other colour. Look at how the two colours 'talk' to each other. Keep this in mind as you make your next choices. Keep doing this for the next 15-20 min. until you have completed a work of art.

Reflecting on your art work write down what you noticed as you made the artwork.


Wesdyne Otto's painting process (video) and reflection on making the artwork.

I noticed a need to make whole what was first expressed in bits and cautious marks as the paint found its way across the page. Limiting my colours to blue, red and white provides a safe playground to explore what those three colours can do together. Each colour inviting the other to shyly say hello, dance, and merge together as a single voice creating something new –purple. I watched as they stood near each other like 2 peacocks. White and washes echo the quietness of painting, expanding the breathing space.

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