Tips for a Happy Holiday

Tips for a Happy Holiday

  1. Set aside your guilt  

  1. Accept your worthiness

  1. Ask for what you need

Tips to make every visit to someone’s home better

  • The easiest way to deal with dietary and sensory issues is to visit after dinner.  
  • Bring your own food for your dietary needs.  
  • Cross contamination is real
  • Offer your host a couple of recipes and say, “If you want to feed me here are some recipes for food I can eat.”
  • Tell your host that you are bringing your own food to save them work
  • Let your host know When you need to eat (blood sugar, routine)

Everyone is generally cool when you bring your own food as long as you tell them in advance and explain that you want to save them work.  

  • Bring your own beverages.  Pack these a day or two in advance.  
  • Tell your host if the following exacerbate your condition.
  • scent (candles, perfume),
  • lights (fluorescent, flickering),
  • background noise (music, crowded rooms),
  • visual noise (decorations, children yelling, singing, crowded rooms, multiple conversations)  
  • Let your host know that you appreciate their offer and will stay as long as you are able.  Leave when you first feel tired.
  • Pre-arrange to leave at a specific time. Tell your host when you will be leaving.  
  • Work with your host to find a time to visit when it best suits your needs, i.e. after dinner, after the children open their presents, during clean-up.
  • Tell your host what you want/can do to help.  
  • Use the bathroom fan and leave the door open after use.  What happened is normal, leaving the door open dissipates smells.
  • Ask the host to clear walks, area rugs, and extra furniture to accommodate safe movement.

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